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What we offer

Recording, mixing, mastering


Regardless whether you only come to record a voice or spend a week producing your album with the band, at NSB Rec. you get the full service.

Our technicians assist you with images of all kinds; from advertising to sound editing your movie. We have optimal space and technical requirements that you may use to fulfill your ideas.

 The atmosphere is just as important as the technical quality. We offer you a place where you can retreat between the production phases, relax in our cafeteria and or discuss work over a cappuccino.


To produce a perfect song from a good idea you not only need the craftsmanship of the musician but also a skilled technical sound processing: mixing. This is where is decided whether the trumpets dominate over the guitars or just accompany, or whether they should sound or echo from the middle of a football field or from deep in the Mexican wilderness.

Trust, it is essential we know what you expect of the final product. Working together closely with you is of great importance; you are the brain, we're your hand.  Many years of experience in the studio and in the “live sector” makes us a competent partner for the realization of your ideas. We see and advise you through to the finished mix.


Mastering means giving your work the finishing touch before it goes public. This does not mean to achieve the loudest result but to accomplish a high-quality product sound on various playback devices.

This includes a balanced stereo image, a good mono-compatibility and an equalized frequency response.

Regardless of whether you have recorded your pieces in a single studio during a session or over time in different places and with different devices, our goal is to create a harmonious piece of work. Your recording is not just a sequence of mingled tracks, but reflects your mood throughout the entire runtime. Our highly qualified technicians know the suitable compressor for each emotion.

A coherent final product requires clear communication between mixer and customer.  At the end of the day our support is based on your wishes.

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NSB Rec.

Lindenstrasse 16

6340 Baar

Tel. 041 541 79 75